Financial Wisdom is our people. Our advisers do more than give financial advice, they empower people with knowledge that produces real results. They impart financial wisdom. We enable our collective of like-minded advisers to help make Australia wise. It’s our unique focus on wisdom that truly defines our difference.

We’re on a mission to help make Australia wise. We support our advisers to impart the knowledge and know-how people need to feel confident and in control of their own financial future – wherever they are on their financial journey.

No one of us is as wise as all of us. Together, we empower one another – sharing what works and openly collaborating in innovative ways, ensuring our people get to learn from and work with the best.

We create wisdom by translating knowledge into action. This guiding principle informs all our processes and advice. Being part of the Commonwealth Bank, we’re big enough to make a difference and small enough to care.

We free our advisers to do what they do best – build productive relationships with their clients. You’ll see and hear just how much this means to our advisers in the short videos as you explore this website.