Dawn Thomas

AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award 2019

Dawn Thomas from Wealthwise in Perth is passionate about empowering women and the disadvantaged.

She believes empowerment comes from improving financial literacy and providing ‘advice with heart’ to show people that they matter.



Women supporting women

“I’m both a mentor and a mentee. My mentors have shown me how to lead and be brave, and they also allow me to be vulnerable and open up about my insecurities. As these women have selflessly lifted me up, it feels right that I do the same for other women.”


Building financial confidence

“I frequently hear people say they’re not financially savvy, but it’s often that they haven’t received the right information about their finances. I also believe everyone understands financial concepts in different ways – we’re not all spreadsheet geniuses.”


Female-focused advice

“A lot of people are disengaged from their super, which means they miss out on strategies that could get them ahead. Single women are particularly vulnerable at retirement, so helping them avoid financial minefields and take control of their own destinies is a personal mission for me.”


Diversity in the industry

“Platforms like the Association of Financial Advisers’ Female Excellence in Advice Award put diversity front and centre. Australia is a rich tapestry of people from different backgrounds, so the financial advice industry should reflect that. We can then show the wider public that the right adviser is out there for them, no matter what their background.”