Erin Truscott

AFA Rising Star Award 2016

Erin Truscott has made a successful transition from being a Financial Wisdom Practice Development Manager to becoming an adviser at GCA Financial in Brisbane.

She was recognised with the 2016 AFA Rising Star Award and continues to move from strength to strength in her new role.



The importance of community

“Connecting and sharing are essential parts of what we do as advisers. At Financial Wisdom, you know you've got a community of people you can bounce ideas off – I think that's important.”


Working with a new Practice Development Manager

“Arthur Tang goes above and beyond – he does all the things we need and then some. He's always got his ear to the ground to ensure that when opportunities come up, he puts them in front of us.”


Winning her award

“It's very humbling – I got to spend time with the other finalists, and just being in that group was incredible. But the biggest thing to me is to know that the peers I look up to see me as being on the right track. That was what I took out of it, knowing I'm headed in the right direction.”