Financial Wisdom advisers are known for their achievements - and with every individual success, our adviser community becomes stronger. Here's what some of our high-achieving advisers have to say.

Joseph Hoe

Money Management Financial Planner of the Year 2016

Joseph Hoe


“Financial Wisdom brings out the best in their advisers and makes sure we perform at the best level we can.”


Erin Truscott

AFA Rising Star Award 2016

Erin Truscott


“At Financial Wisdom, you know you’ve got other people you can bounce ideas off – I think that’s important.”


Liz Trotter

Silver Stevie® Award – Women in Business 2017

Liz Trotter


“Financial advice gives women the freedom to make choices and find out what works for them.”


Peter O’Callaghan

AFA Education Excellence Award Winner 2014

Peter O'Callaghan


“Some people feel that their licensee should be not seen and not heard, but we believe our licensee should take an active interest in our business.”


Patricia Garcia

FPA Financial Planner AFP® of the Year 2017

Patricia Garcia


“With this award, I feel that all my hard work has been recognised and I can be seen as a future leader in the advice industry."

Many faces of Financial Wisdom


We’re a connected team of people with a culture of collaboration and mutual support. You’ll find that just as we’re ready to share what works in other practices, we’re keen to learn what works for you and share it with all.

Our support services are based on people – not just information and systems. Advice Coaches, Business Coordinators and a national network of Practice Development Managers are ready to help your practice flourish.


'Why have a great idea and keep it all to yourself. Human beings like to help one another because it feels good at the time, sounds selfish but it's true.'

Rudi Kristiani, Owner Key Financial Planning

We meld the stability of a big institution like the Commonwealth Bank, with the agility that comes from owning your own practice. We enable you to discover new revenue sources and build deeper client relationships through your expertise and service and with our vast resources, support services and tools.