Patricia Garcia

FPA’s Planner AFP® of the Year Award 2017

Financial Wisdom adviser Patricia Garcia from WB Financial in Brisbane was honoured with the Financial Planner AFP® of the Year Award at the Financial Planning Association’s 2017 FPA Professionals Congress. This achievement recognises Patricia’s success in steering her advice practice on a promising growth trajectory.


Managing change within her business

“Geoff Steele, our Financial Wisdom Practice Development Manager, has been very supportive in helping us to get our processes right. It’s great to have Geoff’s input as he knows a lot of financial advice practices and can direct us to other advice businesses that are doing things well. That way, we can learn from what they’ve done and adapt it to suit our business.”


Financial Wisdom's resources

“I’m not an investment specialist, I’m a financial adviser – so it’s good to have Financial Wisdom’s resources to assist with making recommendations on our clients’ portfolios. We also work closely with Financial Wisdom’s compliance and technical teams to come up with new service propositions and advice solutions that best meet our clients’ needs.”


Connecting with other advisers

“At adviser peer groups and networking events, you get to know people and share information about what you do well and how you’d like to improve your services. I don’t see other advisers as competition; there are plenty of clients out there so by working together we will be collectively better placed to help more and more clients.”